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Hotel Daniel in Vienna – an urban stay with industrial vibes

Hotel Daniel in Viena

Hotel Daniel in Vienna – an urban stay with industrial vibes

We were recently in Vienna, as you might have noticed from our Instagram feed, full of Viennese architectural goodies, and were happy to stay at Hotel Daniel, very close to the Belvedere Palace.

We instantly loved their smart luxury philosophy: they focus on the modern traveller in need of flexibility, offering opportunities, inspiration and „pretty damn good looks” in their own words. I’ll say! The industrial flavoured interior design is plain gorgeous (it’s actually both plain and gorgeous!) and the concept they created around it is very fun!

The room

The main thing you will notice when you enter the room will certainly be… the bathroom right there in the middle of it! Except the toilet of course, which is separate. But really, a glass shower right in the room is pretty cool! And sexy! I’m not going into details here, but I can tell you it easily fits two persons 😉.

We absolutely adored all the industrial touches: the concrete ceiling, the metal and technical lamps, the Edison light bulb tied with a rope, they all gave a cool feeling to the space. The room is pretty small, but that’s what smart luxury is about: you get all the luxury amenities in a small and well designed space. Why would you need more space anyway?

The furniture is minimalist, a small desk and a cute bench for your luggage, and the most confortable bed! The cosmetics were amazing and if you like them you can actually buy them from the reception, where they have a mini shop with many cool and urban products: cosmetics, shirts, honey that they produce themselves, bags, slippers.

Hotel Daniel in Viena

Hotel Daniel in Viena

Hotel Daniel in Viena

Hotel Daniel in Viena

Hotel Daniel in Viena

The cosmetics are amazing! The body lotion perfume lasted all day.

Hotel Daniel in Viena

Hotel Daniel in Viena

The reception and Bakery

The reception space looks just wonderful! They have a bike on display on pulleys, the mini shop in a pastel pick up truck, and a vintage looking front desk, with washing machine drums instead of shelves on the wall behind. We love when everyday objects are repurposed!

And the Bakery.. oh, where do I begin? It’s such a well integrated space, with lots of natural light and green plants, and very good design choices! Just look at the Butterfly chairs where you can sit and read the latest newspaper. And the bar with it’s beautiful white tiles (actually our favourite tiles), big industrial lamps and metal vintage looking stools. It also has a pretty lounge area with cool lighting.

Hotel Daniel in Viena

The space at the reception is just wonderful!

Hotel Daniel in Viena

The Butterfly chairs are the stars of the lobby

Hotel Daniel in Viena

Hotel Daniel in Viena

Hotel Daniel in Viena


I cannot go around without telling you about one of the best breakfasts in Vienna! That you can have right here at Hotel Daniel! Their renowned bakery, that they are very proud of, and has a dedicated space on their website, offers perfect pastries and cakes, but also international cuisine later in the day, all with an urban feeling!

They really have some of the best options I’ve seen breakfast wise. And I do love my breakfast! I can only say: a million types of bread, a lovely variety of cheese and cold cuts, homemade hummus, smoked salmon, tunna, burratta (an Italian sort of cheese which I was dying to try!), eggs made by request however you like, lots of fruits and cereal. And for dessert there are waffles made on the spot, lots of cakes, fresh orange juice and really good coffee. I’m picky when it comes to coffee, so trust me on this 😊.

And the best news is you don’t even have to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy this irresistible breakfast! You can just come in, pay at the front desk and indulge in all the goodies! Many locals come here in the morning. Just be sure to starve yourself the night before, you are going to want to try everything 😄! Read more about the amazing breakfast here.

Hotel Daniel in Viena

Hotel Daniel in Viena - breakfast

We did not hold back on desserts!

The uber-cool concept

We discovered at Hotel Daniel this uber-cool concept, as the Millenials would say (hey wait, we are Millenials too..), spread around in small details. The information in the room (like the emergency evacuation) was displayed like works of art in a museum, with a title and an artist written below. The do not disturb sign was absolutely hilarious! There were messages of optimism all over the place.

We really appreciated these small touches, and to be honest they seemed like something we would put in our own home. Some fun messages and pop culture references to put a smile on your face.

Oh and another uber cool thing about the Daniel in Vienna is that instead of a classic room you can book an actual trailer! We’ve seen the trailer in the yard, it looks just amazing, and you can have a look at the interiors here on their website. Who would have thought that a whole bed and a bathtub would fit in there?!

Hotel Daniel in Viena

How cool is this vintage trailer?

Useful details about Hotel Daniel

Website: Hotel Daniel

Location: Landstraßer Gürtel 5, 1030 Vienna, Austria (Google maps link here). It’s right next to the southern entrance to the Belvedere.

Parking: They have a garage at the hotel, it costs €15 per day. You have to collect a ticket at the hotel reception first.

Rooms: There are multiple types of rooms, you can choose between one with a hammock, the trailer, or even the Belvedere room, which has a stunning view over the Belvedere Palace and a beautiful freestanding bathtub! Read more about the rooms here. We stayed in a Smart room and had an great time.

Breakfast: It is not included in the room price, you have to pay an additional €18 per person for it, but trust me, it is all worth it!

A wonderful stay at Hotel Daniel

Ok I’ll admit I’m fangirling over the hotel! But it’s only because we really enjoyed ourselves there. From the cool, industrial vibes that we fell in love with, to the wonderful breakfast that we’re still thinking about, we had an amazing time. We really felt that every small touch was thoughtful. And did I mention the incredibly welcoming people at the front desk? All the staff was really nice and fun!

So when you’re in Vienna, do consider Hotel Daniel for your stay. It’s right next to Schloss Belvedere, at a 15 minute walk to the city center, and they offer a very cozy urban stay.

We were guests at Hotel Daniel with a press rate and I thank them for hosting us. However, as always, all opinions are my own and I never recommend a service or product that I don’t love and believe in!

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Hotel Daniel in Vienna

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