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Diana and Alex - Designed to TravelHi!

We are Diana and Alex, welcome to our blog!

We believe that when traveling, people should appreciate their surroundings more and notice the small things that make up a moment or a feeling. Details that tell stories. We hope to inspire others to notice more things while on their travels: windows, balconies, building corners and rooftops, chairs and lamps, they all have stories that are often left undiscovered.

We love traveling because we love to discover local architecture

We love to discover local vibes, find amazing classic and modern architecture pieces, and see the best designed cafes, restaurants or bakeries in town. We get really excited about buildings and their stories, and love to follow modern architects’ masterpieces around the world.

We are not full time travelers

Although we do day-dream about it. I, Diana, work in IT, have my head in the clouds (the pink ones, with rainbows and unicorns), I’m very positive and treat everything with a smile. Alex is a designer-architect, detail oriented and down to earth, loves life and is incredibly funny. Together we have a great dynamic while traveling and we enjoy every moment of it.

The name “Designed to Travel” combines both our passion for traveling as our love for architecture and design. We plan our travels around architectural sights and well-designed locations, and enjoy writing and instagramming about it. But we also like to cover useful tips or city guides.

Through our blog we intend to help you explore new destinations, understand a bit about architectural styles, interior design trends and guide you to well-designed hotels and restaurants. And hopefully turn a phrase like “This building is so beautiful” into “I love the details on this gothic window”!