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Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

Let me tell you the story of how we landed in the middle of a childhood dream! A green valley, surrounded by mountains, in a very small town, that just inspires you to run around barefoot (and maybe yodel?). Just like Heidi in the cartoons we used to watch as kids! We searched for an accommodation close to Salzburg, but also close to the lakes in the Salzkammergut region, that would offer us tranquility and a large dose of nature. We got that and so much more at Haus Amalia in Strobl!

A lovely accommodation close to Salzburg at Haus Amalia, in the Austrian Alps

This is exactly what we wanted, a lovely nature getaway from the urban hustle and bustle. We also wanted not to pay a fortune for it. So we chose Haus Amalia, that had very good reviews and downright good prices.

When we arrived at Haus Amalia, after a 15 hour drive from Bucharest, we were just mesmerized!! It was everything we hoped it would be! And better! We were greeted by Christine, our host. She was dressed in a traditional dirndl, so we already felt as in a Hansel and Gretel story. It immediately started raining and she encouraged us to go to the car and get our bags, a little rain never hurt anyone. She is firm, but exceptionally kind and polite. We found out in the next days that all Austrians are like this and we just fell in love with them!

Christine led us to our room, gave us some information about breakfast, the Salzburg card that we intended to get, the Salzkammergut card and also gave us a leaflet with some discounts for activities in the area. And left us to settle in. I must tell you that when I entered our room, I immediately felt the need to take my shoes off, so I wouldn’t get dirt on the perfectly clean carpets.

The room has a rustic design, as you would expect from a mountain cabin. But the homey feeling I got was absolutely amazing! I felt like visiting relatives, instead of paying for accommodation. The feeling in this room was exactly how my grandma used to make me feel at her house! Everything seemed tidied and setup for us with love and care. It was very warm and cozy!

After 10 minutes the rain suddenly stopped and the sun came out! Just look at these photos, taken a few minutes apart, it’s amazing! And yes, this was our window view!

Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

Things we loved at Haus Amalia

I have to start with the views! Haus Amalia is downright in a small valley, in the middle of mountains, in the very small town of Aigen. The road leading to it is a story in itself, we were fascinated day by day by it.

And of course we adored the homey feeling of everything. The coziness of the rooms, the flowers at the windows, the breakfast that Christine cooked every morning. We felt like she was our aunt and we were her favorite nephews! Of course she had other guests there, but I’m sure we were her favorite!

Christine and her husband, Klaus, were also very helpful. They spoke half English – half German, but that only added to the charm.

Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

View from the breakfast room

Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

The driveway to Haus Amalia

Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

Haus Amalia, accommodation close to Salzburg

Things to Know Before You Go

Getting there: This lovely bed and breakfast is in a small town called Aigen, very close to Strobl, on the Wolfgangsee lake. It’s about 40km away from Salzburg, in the middle of the lake region in Salzkammergut. It really is a great spot to explore the surroundings. I suggest you put Haus Amalia directly on Google Maps (or other gps apps), or else follow the signs for Aigen.

The Rooms: Haus Amalia is a one story house. They have 4 double rooms and a one-bedroom apartment with a balcony. We stayed in Double Room 1 and felt just wonderful!

Parking: There is free parking on the premise. Of course, with our bad German, we were confused by the signs, that said Nur für gäste, which seemed to mean Not for Guests. But it actually means Only for guests!

Breakfast: Breakfast is included and is served each morning on the ground floor, in a very cute room with wooden furniture. You have a selection of cheese and cold meats, bread, yogurt, cereal and fruits. And Christine brings you a boiled egg and fresh brewed coffee.

Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

The lovely breakfast room

Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

Activities: Just look at all the discounts we could take advantage of by staying in the Strobl area! I recommend especially the Gschwendt summer toboggan! We didn’t have time to take a ride in it, instead we went on the Sommerrodelbahn Keltenblitz in Hallein, a similar ride but on tracks instead of a toboggan, and it was one of the greatest experiences of our trip!

And these are just activities you can do around Strobl. But there are many more in the area. You have Salzburg nearby, all the lakes around, with pretty little mountain towns. Most notably Hallstatt, one of the most charming towns in the world (that’s my humble opinion, but I’m sure it’s true)! We also went up the Dachstein mountain to the stairway to nothingness and the suspension bridge at 3000m high. And we took a ride on the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, an amazing driving road.Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

Details for staying at Haus Amalia

Website: Haus Amalia

Location: Enterbachstrasse 14, 5350 Strobl, Austria. This is the address, but like I’ve said, it’s actually in the small town if Aigen, not Strobl.

Getting around: We had our car and used it the whole time to get around and to explore the region. But you can also rent a bike, the area is very bike-friendly, having separate bike lanes most everywhere. I recommend you rent bikes in Strobl, as it is very close and you have free parking in the entire town (parking is expensive in Austria, so it’s pretty important). If you stay at Haus Amalia you will get some discounts at rental shops in Strobl, so don’t forget to take advantage of that.

Accommodation close to Salzburg

So when going in the Salzburg area, I really recommend staying at Haus Amalia. It’s the perfect accommodation! You get to stay in the middle of the whole Salzkammergut, it’s a very good base to visit the region. Furthermore, you get an awesome authentic experience of living in the mountains! Just like Heidi!

Happy Travels! And Yodeling!

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Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg

Staying at Haus Amalia – Accommodation close to Salzburg



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